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Cirque du Soleil – Alegría

October 4, 2009

Tonight I felt the essence of rapture. The feeling snuck up, caught me by surprise, endured, intensified, crescendoed, and ripped open the fabric of my heart. It was gilded in enchantment, wreathed in excellence, and ornamented with equal combinations of elegance and grace.

It began with a look. I was hiking through the Bryce Jordan Center trying to find my student discounted seat, which was conveniently located somewhere in the upper thermosphere, where I was not-so-promptly greeted with pure unfiltered disappointment. I could actually reach up and touch the support rafters to the auditorium ceiling. Then, just as I was about to let my dissatisfaction leak out and stain my physiognomy, a ticket collector caught my eye, approached me, explained that there was one seat available on the ground floor, and that I had the option to fill the spot for free. I couldn’t believe what was happening. There were other people around me, and this man picked me out of everyone. I felt like I had won the aesthetic lottery! In an instant I moved from the worst seat in the building to (no kidding) the BEST seat in the entire arena. I was front row, center, on the ground! 

Just when I thought my luck couldn’t possibly get any better, the performance starts! Infused, as I was, with giddy-excitement, I had forgotten that I really had no idea what I was supposed to prepare myself for. A few friends recommended the show, insisting that it was worth my time. That’s it. I did not expect to experience any sort of deep aesthetic truth at a circus. 

This lack of expectation, I now think, only heightened the feeling of pure ecstasy that followed. The energy was ebullient. Every emotion was brought to it’s crowning point. From playful silliness, to profound melancholy, to tasteful seduction – all garnished with stately harmony and sophisticated charm. I lost myself in the performance, only occasionally recalling myself to hold back tears of emotional elation. There was, however, one emotion that stood apart from all the rest. Pride. At the end of the show, the performers took their bows with the greatest sense of self-fulfuillment glowing through their skin for having provoked in the audience an emotional flood of biblical proportions. Their pride, poise, and artful dignity escaped the act! making it the most real of all the assortment of emotions I felt tonight. It put me over the edge, like a full body orgasm. I immediately escaped the public eye and left the show with bliss in my heart and tears in my eyes!


October 2, 2009

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