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How To Make Music Synchronized Lights – Video

January 27, 2009

Great way to impress the neighbors

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m Cured!!

January 26, 2009

For quite some time now I have spent my twilight hours developing some of the most elaborate and far-fetched schemes for preventing fingernail nibblage. Each of which, however, has been frustrated and foiled by my own makers-knowledge of the self-imposed strategies I set in place. Doesn’t it figure that the puzzle should solve itself the second I put down the pieces! Recently I’ve started exercising on a regular basis, mostly so that I could “feel” healthier, give myself a regular study break (I’m something of a workaholic), and get rid of the excess energy that always keeps me up at night. It’s working out beautifully – I’m more productive, I feel great, and I sleep like a bear. My plan is literally working better than expected! Today I noticed that my fingernails were, well, noticeable, and it occurred to me that ever since I had been exercising on a regular basis I had stopped biting my fingernails. Could it be that I was more stressed-out before than I realized?

How is it that the best things happen as soon as you stop wishing they would happen, as soon as you stop thinking about them (as if by chance), like love? The Pyrrhonian Skeptic describes the emergence of quietude (ataraxia) from their skeptical method, by referencing the painter Apelles who,

when painting a horse’s foam, he was so unsuccessful that he gave up at the attempt and flung at the picture the sponge on which he used to wipe the paints off his brush, and the mark of the sponge produced the effect of a horse’s foam (Sextus Empiricus Outlines of Pyrrhonism 1.28).

Why does everything seem to appear as soon as we look away and stop caring? Perhaps intentionality is really just a clod-foot lummox that gets in our way.

January 25, 2009