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Just a Few Things . .

August 7, 2008

* I Remember When: My uncle pulled me aside in high school and said,

Uncle: “So I hear you’re taking Geometry, Alex”
Me: “Yeah, that’s right”
Uncle: “Let me tell you how to pass geometry. Follow your teacher around for a few days and find out who he’s cheating on his wife with”
* Sometimes I Wish: That I were fluent in a foreign language. No, not so that I could talk about people in their presence without them knowing about it. I always imagine an extra layer of intimacy being shared between two people (Ahem, not all kinds of intimacy imply sexual stimulation, though that’s nice too.) who are capable of sequestering themselves whenever they please – that the freedom of linguistic privacy in almost all social contexts is a breeding ground for trust. 
* I Love it When: A person can get worked up about nothing. “So you think I should be willing to clean up after myself, huh? Just who the fuck do you think your are?” 
* I Find it Interesting: That most social contexts are reciprocal. I can only make someone laugh if I think they find me funny. I can only trust someone whom I feel trusts me as well. I can only be as honest with someone as I perceive them to be with me.